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About Me:

Hello! I’m Charles H. Roberts III. But that's too formal, so let's just go with Charlie. 


I'm an author, veteran communications professional and former journalist. In other words: I write for a living.

I created this site primarily to promote my first book, For the Love of Thomas Amore. However, I plan to share updates on future works – including a children’s book series – and will use the blog space here for various musings and previously published stories.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y., where I reside with my wife, April, and our daughter, Zoey. I earned a bachelor's degree in journalism at the State University of New York College at Buffalo. 


Aside from writing, my hobbies include running, hiking, painting and pretending to play the guitar. I enjoy coffee, water and IPA (usually in that order).



About my Book:

Thomas Amore’s life was nothing if not a ride on a roller coaster. 

Although he grew up in a fatherless home, he persevered to become a high school and collegiate football star and later served his country as a member of the United States Army during the Vietnam War. 

He learned on more than one occasion that life has a way of changing in an instant, both for better or worse. But through all the ups and downs – including homelessness – there was one personal possession that he never let out of his sight, and that may very well have saved his life. 

It’s never too late to start living life to its fullest, he realized. And it’s especially never too late for love.

The second edition of For the Love of Thomas Amore, complete with bonus content, was released in June 2018 by NFB Publishing. The novella can be purchased below or in select Western New York bookstores. Enjoy! 


"For the Love of Thomas Amore follows the degeneration and re-emergence of two very different men who move from the hopes and dreams of their youth to reinvented lives in later years. Its story of struggle, hope and transformation is especially recommended for novella readers looking for powerful stories of redemption, change and the long road to self-acceptance and fulfillment brought about by coming to grips with past, present and future dreams." --D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review  

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